patriots we need your voice

We need to unify in the giving of prayers for the saving of America and her divine plan

America is under spiritual attack!

As a Prayerful Patriot Prayer Warrior you would be entitled to
  1. Submissions of your prayers for review and possible subsequent posting to under the Prayer Warrior Contributions tab on the website.
  2. Be the first to know when new postings such as prayers and Agreement Petition Prayers have been posted to the site
  3. Be the first to know of special events and broadcasts that are being planned and receive links to join those broadcasts in your inbox.
  4. Receive a “Prayer Warrior Discount” for goods when we roll out our store with branded items.
  5. There is no charge to become a Prayerful Patriot Prayer Warrior.
What do I need to do?
  1. All we ask is that you submit your preferred first and last name and your email address to us on the following form.
  2. We also ask that you read and acknowledge the Tenants of the Prayer Warriors of on the Prayer Warrior Policy Page aboutĀ  Freedom of Religion.

These tenantsĀ  can be reviewed on the Prayer Warrior Policy Page by selecting this link and scrolling to the tenants section- Prayer Warrior Policy. If you agree to the policy then we invite you to join.

NOTE: Agreeing to this policy does not signify that you necessarily agree with another’s understanding and religious practice, only that you agree that everyone has the right to chose and follow their own religious path to God, free from criticism, condemnation or judgement.

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