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Target Focused Prayers Are Needed For the Saving of America

American is under spiritual attack!

The moral fabric which formed the principles used by the founding fathers is being shredded. Our government is ailing and is loaded with corruption. Our schools are not teaching our children the principles that are needed to make and keep America strong, quite the opposite. Prayer and anything else related to God is being removed from our classrooms out of misunderstanding and ignorance of America’s Divine path and her Divine destiny. The mission of our nation is being stopped and America is being destroyed from within. This is spiritual warfare and we need Spiritual Warriors!

The saving of America starts with a concerted spiritual action.

We must bring our prayers together in unison and in agreement for the saving of this nation. There are forces unseen that can only be dealt with Spiritually. Our nation as floundered because many have walked away from God through ignorance of what is really happening and what to do about it. Our inattention and ignorance has led us to the place where we must understand true spirituality and exercise our God given right to take charge by His Grace.


To provide the Patriots, you, with access to targeted, focused, prayers for our nation and communities, and to be a focal point of resources for directing spiritual energy into the critical issues of our nation. As the Early American Patriots did, we welcome all to worship the one true God here by contributing your individual flame to the Great Awakening and the Revolution of Higher Consciousness.


In the beginning was the “Word”! The use of spoken prayers is the foundation of ALL of the worlds major religions. It is here you can find prayers designed and directed for specific actions to bring more of heaven to earth and for the saving of our nation.


Use the Categories and Specific lists to make your appeal for Divine Intervention

You may search the posts for specific wording.

We need you to participate, that is what is most important.