*Note: In the spirit of patriotism and liberty, and honoring the sacred freedoms of speech, to gather, and to worship as we feel led, we invite all lovers of God, that same God who spoke to Moses from the burning bush and gave his name as “I AM THAT I AM”, to join us in prayer. Whatever  man-made religion you practice, whether Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Zorastrianism, “New Age” or “Old Age” religion, whether you are fundamentalist, progressive, traditional, or non-traditional, all are welcome to join us in prayer for the saving of our nation. Adjust these prayers to fit your particular brand of dogma or doctrine and let our unity be the love of God, of freedom, and of this nation!

This agreement is a very detailed prayer for the victory of truth. It is a special prayer using the power of agreement promised by Jesus in the Bible in Matthew 18:18-20. Please lend your voice to this prayer. It is a petition to God stating that we are in agreement for His Will to be made manifest in these areas of concern.

Please read this call to God aloud as written. Spoken prayer is much more effective than silent prayer. People of any religion can give this prayer. This is based upon a specific key given by Jesus the Christ.

In the name of God, I AM THAT I AM and in the name Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior,  and the Holy Christ Presence around all who give this prayer, we agree together that the Will of God be made manifest for:

  • The exposure, prosecution and conviction of individuals who have committed crimes and acts of sedition against the Constitution of the United states and laws of the country.
  • The Divine judgment of the behavior of those, where appropriate according to God’s will, who have committed, encouraged, supported, orchestrated, stood by and watched without intervening, covered up, hid, any and all criminal, illegal and questionable activities against the letter, spirit and rule of law, the Constitution of the United States of America, the Divine plan for America, and who established a two tier justice system isolating groups of people from prosecution and conviction of their crimes
  • The removal from office of those who continue to misuse the power and authority of their offices, who have misappropriated funds who have committed illegal acts