*Note: In the spirit of patriotism and liberty, and honoring the sacred freedoms of speech, to gather, and to worship as we feel led, we invite all lovers of God, that same God who spoke to Moses from the burning bush and gave his name as “I AM THAT I AM”, to join us in prayer. Whatever religion you practice, whether Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, “New Age” or “Old Age” religion, whether you are fundamentalist, progressive, traditional, or non-traditional, all are welcome to join us in prayer for the saving of our nation. Adjust these prayers to fit your particular brand of dogma or doctrine and let our unity be the love of God, of freedom, and of this nation!

This agreement is a very detailed prayer to get the truth about the DNC emails that Jullian Assange has . It is a special prayer using the power of agreement promised by Jesus in the Bible in Matthew 18:18-20. Please lend your voice to this prayer. It is a petition to God stating that we are in agreement for His Will to be made manifest in these areas of concern.

Please read this call to God aloud as written. Spoken prayer is much more effective than silent prayer. People of any religion can give this prayer. This is based upon a specific key given by Jesus the Christ.

In the name of God, I AM THAT I AM and in the name Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, and the Holy Christ Presence around all who give this prayer, we agree together that the Will of God be made manifest for the following:

  • the immediate release of the truth concerning the stolen Democratic National Committee emails before the 2016 presidential election that is currently being held by Julian Assange and which possibly involves Seth Rich who was subsequently murdered
  • The truth to be made known and those responsible for the Seth Rich murder being brought to justice, tried and convicted as well as all others who have committed politically oriented assassinations and silencing of political opponents, witnesses or foes
  • Help and assistance, protection, overshadowing and strength for those who have critical information that must be communicated to the public and those that should take action including Julian Assange and anyone else with key information which will shed truth on hidden matters that must be revealed according to God’s will
  • the releasing and pardoning of those who are being held in prison and confinement under false or fabricated charges in order to keep them silenced including but not limited to Julian Assange and others
  • the immediate release of all pertinent information and the uncovering and bringing to justice those responsible for the crimes and false charges brought against Julian Assange and those who have committed acts of treason and murder surrounding the DNC emails, the involvement of Julian Assange and the murder of Seth Rich

We also agree together for:

  • the all seeing eye of God to reveal hidden plots, agendas and secrets along with the subsequent followup of outing and bringing to justice and prosecution those who are hidden in the President staffs, the FBI, the DOJ and elsewhere whose motives are for the destruction of the United States and the destruction of the Constitution
  • the protection of all who are standing for truth and for God who are working for the fulfillment of America’s Divine plan

We also agree together to be shown the power and effect of these prayers, and ask that we be guided in ways that we cannot ignore for the saving of our nation, and we pray to receive the maximum help and assistance from God that we may receive for these issues. We agree together for the transmuting power of the Holy Spirit to consume the causes and cores of these negative conditions and to correct all that is not of God.

We ask that no light be given unlawfully, unauthorized, to any part of life where there is not the commitment unto the soul’s salvation unto the worship of her God. We also agree together for the absolute God protection from the backlash from the forces of darkness in response to this prayer and the subsequent release of light into these situations. We ask for the cloak of invincibility, invulnerability, invisibility, and protection to be upon us, our loved ones, and those to whom we are spiritually tied.