Follow the Steps below to create your own Agreement prayer

  1. Spoken Prayer to MUCH more effective than silent Prayer. Speak in a firm determined voice!
  2. A well written directed prayer is like a spiritual sword, cutting through the darkness.
  3. An agreement prayer follows a format like a formal letter – Heading, Body, and Closing
  4. The Heading – addresses God and establishes your authority to make the request in the name of God.
  5. The Body – contains the details of the request. The more specific the better. Scriptures frequently state that we do not receive, because we ask amiss.
  6. Always ask for God’s will regarding your items. God’s solution may not be what we think it should be, how it should be or when it should be
  7. Be comprehensive in your request. Do not limit yourself. Everything is possible in God.
  8. Remember to address unseen forces. Let God handle these, but out of alignment behavior is always backed by dark forces.
  9. Its important that you address all situations. God respects free will and will not intervene unless specifically asked to by someone to do so.
  10. The Closing – This asks for the prayer to be adjusted to God’s will so we do not accidentally make a mistake. It seals the request. Use the printed prayers on this site as a guide. Use the wording in the closings as written. They are specifically worded for the specific protection needed and are based on years of successful application
  11. Click on each prayer to see the full wording. Adjust these to your own religious beliefs but be sure to ALWAYS adjust to God’s will!
  12. Have FUN!